Ebooks are Big Business

29 Aug

Ebooks are Big Business

Since Amazon launched the Kindle a couple of years ago there has been a steady rise in the sale of ebooks, so much so that now Amazon says it sells more ebooks than print books. The Kindle is a device that lets you store thousands of books, magazines and newspapers so that you can read them whenever you want. This is particularly useful not only for people who like reading novels, but also for people who need access to a large number of books, such as students. With a Kindle you can carry hundreds of books without increasing the weight !

Amazon doesn’t say how many Kindles it has sold but it is thought to be in the millions. The result of all this is that the face of publishing is changing. One of the largest chains of bookstores in the world, Borders, has just closed its doors, it didn’t adapt to the changing face of publishing in time.

For writers however the Kindle and other ebook readers are a godsend. You can now write your novel publish it on the ebook and it instantly becomes available to millions of potential customers via Amazon. There are writers who have struggled to get their books into print who are now writing best-selling ebooks that sell in their tens of thousands every month on Amzon, and they make a fair amount of money doing it. Writers such as Amanda Hocking, J A Konrath, D D Scott and others.

Amanda Hocking

Amanda Hocking Best-Selling Author of Fantasy Ebooks

There are ebooks on all types of subjects – fiction and non-fiction. There are new authors publishing their ebooks for the first time and established authors branching out into self-published ebooks. You no longer need an agent or a publisher to be able to make a decent living from your writing.

The balance of power has shifted from agents and publishers to writers, which is not a bad thing. We will be taking a close look at the rising phenomenon of ebooks and writers and may even write our very own ebook just to see what all the fuss is about.

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